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Announcement of casino events

Announcement of casino events

The main thing is that we do not want to waste your time by teaching you how to play different games in various casinos or to distract you with some stories from the world of gambling which have nothing to do with you.
Instead, let us competently inform our website visitors on all upcoming events, concerts, tournaments, and draws that will take place in the casinos presented on our website.

19 September - 27 September
Gambling zone "AMBER", Russia
Amber Poker Championship at SOBRANIE CASINO

More information +7 981 461 90 90


7 September - 14 September
Gaming zone "SOCHI", Russia

Our own poker series will take place from 7th to 14th of September 2020.


3 September - 6 September
Gaming zone "SOCHI", Russia
888Poker Weekend at SOCHI CASINO
6 August - 14 August
SOCHI, Russia
Sochi Poker Festival at CASINO SOCHI
31 July
Kyrenia, North Cyprus
VOLKAN KONAK at Merit Park Casino
18 July
Kyrenia, North Cyprus
SERDAR ORTAÇ at Merit Royal Casino
6 July
Nicosia, North Cyprus
TOURNAMENTS starting at Merit Lefkoşa Casino