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Your bonuses

Your bonuses

Our junket program is dramatically different from all the others offered in this market.

  • It is not obligatory for you to play when you visit the selected casino.
  • If you still decide to play there will be no restrictions on hours and minutes of the game.
  • We do not ask any deposits and do not charge any hidden fees from you.
  • We do not impose any obligation on you to play with some minimum amounts in the casino.
  • We don’t force our guests to play at certain stakes.
  • We limit our guest neither in the choice of the casino nor in duration of stay there.

It’s very simple. You choose a country and a casino, come there whenever you like, and play as long as you want at stakes that are convenient for you.

Our standard bonus package for any player:

  • 500 EUR in lucky chips for playing the roulette in any of the casinos advertised by us *
  • 5 lottery tickets for any draw in any of the casinos listed on our website (if they arrange such draws) *
  • 500 dogecoin gratis (official wallet for dogecoin can be downloaded on our website) **
  • 50 EUR in lucky chips in one of the trusted online casinos **

Our premium bonus package for the registered players:

  • to be discussed individually with the personal manager.

On our website, you can find reliable information about the draws, tournaments, concerts, and other events held in the casinos listed on the website.

* Personal presence in any of the casinos is mandatory.
** To get this bonus, you just need to register on our website.

500 dogecoin gratis (official wallet for dogecoin can be downloaded on our website)